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I make the weight loss experience enjoyable and healing for the mind body and spirit.  Remarkable differences will be seen if all the therapies and recommendations are followed.  The programme comprises several treatments and activities.

  • Ayurvedic Consultation - a complete Ayurvedic consultation assessment including a pulse evaluation & complete body check up.
  • Udvatrana (herbal weight loss & obesity massage) - this is a specialized herbal massage treatment for effective weight reduction.  A unique combination of herbs is designed to remove excess subcutaneous fat and treat oily skin.  An herbal powder is applied all over the body and deeply massaged with specific movements.  This therapy is very effective in naturally reducing weight.  It also helps remove cellulite, revitalizes the sense of touch, gives glow to skin by stimulating the skin tissue, invigorates subcutaneous blood circulation and removes toxins from the body.  All products used are prepared with plant-based ingredients.
  • Herbal steam bath (swedana) - medicated herbal steam bath opens the pores, flushes and cleanses the system through the skin.  It is usually very effective when taken after Ayurvedic massage.
  • Exercise - an integral part of every weight loss program is exercise for those who are physically able.  This weight loss program combines the best Ayurveda therapy with weight loss exercises. 
  • Colonic therapy - according to Ayurvedic wisdom enema is said to contribute 50% of benefits of all detoxification procedures.  While it directly effects the colon it is not a localized or symptomatic treatment, it is rather utilized because of its vital link with all of the other organs and tissues.  Consequently, enemas have a wide-ranging influence in the body.
  • Slimming Wraps - body wrapping is a therapeutic treatment that is applied to detoxify the body using simple all natural ingredients.  Slimming wraps are an excellent addition to any weight loss programme.  When loosing weight on any reduction diet your skin tend to loose elasticity and starts to sag.  Slimming wraps help to tighten and tone the skin and stimulate the body to rid itself of trapped toxins, excess fat and excessive trapped lymph fluids.  This detoxification improves the appearance of cellulite, creates inch loss, and helps tighten and tone the skin.
  • Life coaching - you will be provided with information on healthy eating, together with recipes to ensure you feel confident to prepare a range of healthy and appetizing meals, learn how to improve digestion, regulate appetite and implement Ayurvedic principles in your daily life. You will also be guided on how to administer your own Ayurvedic body massage and post-detoxification health and wellness program for healthy living.

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