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About Anna Dale PGdip Ayu., MSc Ayu., BSc.

If you are very ill or chronically ill you must have asked yourself repeatedly ‘Why have these problems chosen me’?  At the age of 20 Anna was asking the same question when she was diagnosed with a breast tumor.

It was the efficacy with which the holistic ways resolved her own health problems that turned her into a lifelong follower.  It soon became apparent to her that We hold our health in our own hands to a very large extent’. 

Anna Dale has been a professional holistic therapist since 2000.  She trained with the City College of Manchester (UK) and embraced different mind/body disciplines which have slowly been coming into the mainstream of Western and European lives: reflexology, massage, aromatherapy etc.

Anna has continued to study and train in a variety of holistic health teachings over the years and has completed Masters degree (MSc) in Ayurvedic Medicine at Middlesex University (UK).  She underwent her clinical internship in Indian clinics and hospitals which gave her a special insight into Ayurvedic Medicine. Anna is a member of Association of Ayurvedic Practitioners.   

The cleansing programs Anna offers merely remove the obstacles in the way of nature’s own wonderful healing powers.  Her role, as a practitioner, is to facilitate and promote this process with the help of natural, non-harmful physical, mental and spiritual therapies.

Help yourself to become healthier, happier, more relaxed and regenerate yourself to your own satisfaction !!!!

I practise from Neals' Yard Manchester City Centre and from Home Clinic Stretford 
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